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I have borrowed much of this from Dr. Kate Huntington's Resource Page who conducted a workshop in summer 2020 for the NCAR Innovators Fellows. 

This page is primarily designed to help my current and prospective graduate students understand my expectations; however I hope it is also useful to undergraduate students and faculty alike.

For Graduate Students


  • Semi-Annual Report - To be completed and sent to Dr. Fish on October 1 & April 1 of every academic year. 

  • CartoFish Lab Master Research Timeline - this is a suggested timeline for masters students to follow to complete their masters thesis research and thesis writing. All students on some level follow their own timeline and research is never as linear as we expect, but this is helpful for us to have an open conversation about what to expect along the way. 

Undergraduate Students 

Want to get involved in research in the CartoFish Lab?

- What are you interested in?

So you want to go to grad school?

Asking for Letters of Recommendation

Map Design Resources


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